The Bleak Empire

About Us

The Bleak Empire is a Film company based in Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are exploring new venues in feature/short films, documentaries, PSAs, and commercials. With our driven and creative team, we have a collaborative 15-year knowledge and experience in the creative areas of development, television production, screenwriting, casting, editing, music videos, and film.  

Our goal is to work with individuals and/or companies who want to take their script from paper to production and finally reach their goal of producing their film. For more information, contact us at:



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Wayne Armour

President/ CEO

Relocating from Sacramento, CA to Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, Wayne Armour has over 10 years experience in Producing and Directing music videos. In addition, this self-taught creative director is skilled in filming short, feature, and documentaries as a producer and a director of Photography.


Wayne's vision for The Bleak Empire is to mentor upcoming Filmmakers who lack in having resources or funds to produce their own films.  His belief is that all stories should be told regardless of resource constraints. Wayne remembers being the little guy so his passion is to reach back and lend a helping hand down to other storytellers.

Having a strong creative and diverse team to support his vision is what he hangs his hat on because he knows that an idea can only grow so far without a solid team. With The Bleak Empire on his shoulders, Wayne's passion for people, the underdogs, and the arts, is the secret sauce to expand the company.

Chantay E. Brown

VP/ Strategy and Operations

With over 14 years experience in television production, five-time Daytime Emmy Nominated Producer, and underdog, Chantay E. Brown, is an accomplished Supervising Producer, Field Producer, and Casting Director with a long list of credits from CBS, Food Network, HGTV, Comedy Central, Fox, Entertainment Studios, Travel Channel, TNT, and more. From Los Angeles to the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas area, this storyteller will take her Hollywood skills to produce untouched stories and new film genres for the world.

Teaming up with The Bleak Empire, Chantay uses her skills to help grow a solid team who has the same vision in producing captivating, strong, and exciting content.

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Constance Wallace

Assistant to the President

This British/Irish creative individual has a passion in writing, and has published many works of arts through her publishing company, "Rainbow Crow Publishing." Receiving an M.A in history, Constance's historian background gives The Bleak Empire a one-up in having extensive knowledge of sifting through dated articles to birth new stories for web series, films, and documentaries.


Remixing her skills with The Bleak Empire's vision, Constance is the perfect balance in diversifying our content. 

Myiesha  Freeman

Head of Casting/ Producer

Anika Shakir

Creative Distribution Manager

Austin Armour


Ciana Armour

Social Media/ Web Manager

Christian Armour

Production Assistant